Starting up again

Almost two years to the day I started working on Leadin inside of HubSpot Labs with Nelson Joyce after my startup, Rentabilities, was acquired by HubSpot.

During that time I learned a tremendous amount about products, startups and how a well-run thousand-person company operates. I worked alongside my friend day in and day out, grinding away to make a product people loved. I made new friends, like the amazing team from Dublin who banded together with us to rebuild Leadin from the ground up. I saw Leadin launched in front of 13K people at INBOUND this year. Most importantly, I helped build a product that brings the power of inbound to every body.

It’s been an amazing journey and I’m super thankful to HubSpot for giving me the opportunity to create Leadin inside the company. Now it’s time to take all those learnings and start over again with Nelson to build a company of our own. We aren’t publicly talking about the exact product we’re cooking up just yet, but if you’re curious you can sign up for our mailing list below.

What’s going to happen to Leadin?

Well, nothing’s really going to change. The current team is going to keep cranking away on Leadin and I have 100% confidence the product will continue to get better.

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