A Note to Myself – Remember Why You Write

Andy… you need to start writing your blog for yourself…

Don’t worry about who else reads it. In the long run, tweets don’t matter. Likes don’t matter. Shares don’t matter.

Your content spreading is a noble goal because maybe it’ll help one of two people, but optimizing for sharing shouldn’t be the goal.

In case you forget tomorrow morning…the goals of your blog should be:

– Clear out your brain some top-of-mind thoughts by archiving them through writing
– Bolster your efforts to understand the world and satisfy your curiosity
– Document life’s journey and the progress you’re making
– Internalize the lessons you learn through writing
– Actively practice your communication skills
– Introspect and grow as a person
– Relax

Stop trying to come up with the perfect witty phrase. Stop trying to write viral content. Stop trying to write for others.

Instead, just be honest with yourself and the world might want to listen too.

One thought on “A Note to Myself – Remember Why You Write”

  1. We used to call that writing in a diary, or journaling. Just updated with the times to have a blog – and of course share with others unlike the diary or journaling.

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